Summers in the Mother Lode can be hot. We want you to be comfortable and cool in your home. When choosing a repair technician, you will want to turn to the experts. Here at Angels Heating and Air we service all brands of air conditioning equipment in both Residential and Commercial buildings.

Here are some warning signs that your air conditioner may not be functioning properly:

  • Is your air conditioner making a strange noise?
  • Are you turning down the thermostat to try and cool the house and still not getting the temperature you desire?

  • Does it seem like your air conditioner runs all day?
  • How long has it been since your air conditioner has had a maintenance service?
  • Is there water dripping from your air conditioner?
  • Does your house feel muggy?
  • Do your energy bills seem higher than usual?
  • Are there hot and cold spots in your home?

Many of these issues can be fixed easily. Our experienced technicians have decades of residential heating experience. They will uncover the root cause of your heating issue and determine the best solution to the problem.

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